Warfighter Study Bible

Available October 2021

Warfighter Study Bible Warfighter Study Bible

Warfighter's Study Bible

Our Service members’ survival depends on the strength and comfort they share between them and their fellow troops as they navigate their call to service. In similar fashion, The Warfighter’s Study Bible lends the strength and comfort of God’s Word, recognizing the power that comes from the customs, language, and imagery that defines this special military community. Featuring daily readings, Military references, helpful explanations and specialized articles, this Bible helps Service members and Veterans fan the flame by consistently engaging with Scripture on a daily basis, adding strength and encouragement to face challenges unique to them.

Warfighter Study Bible Sample

What Makes This
Military Bible Different

The perfect gift to deploy comfort and strength to any Service Member or Veteran, you’ll find The Warfighter’s Study Bible:

  • Employs common military language that resonates with Service members and Veterans, addressing the unique challenges specific to their community.
  • Offers daily scripture readings and correlates with the God Understands Reading Plan on the YouVersion App.
  • Provides 34 specialized articles addressing the unique needs and challenges the military community encounters.
  • Coordinates with the Military Bible Challenge: a mission to pray, read, reflect and respond to scripture passages over 75 days.
  • Includes extensive commentary, notes, maps and more to assist those who want to learn more from the Bible’s teachings for everyday application.

In addition, Service Members and Veterans can find confidence in this Bible’s specialized materials, which:

  • Offer contributions from 18 authors in the Military Community.
  • Hold a compilation of military-related introductions to all the Books in the Bible.
  • Are adapted from the ESV Student Study Bible (licensed from Crossway Publishing).

Who is Armed Services Ministry?

Armed Services Ministry, a ministry of American Bible Society, has been serving our Military through the free distribution of bibles and scripture engagement resources for more than 200 years. Over that time, our staff of retired Chaplains and Veterans has provided over 60 million resources to Military families like yours.

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